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Considerations in a Changing Global Environment Common Sense with Dr. Christian: A Virtual Wellness Series
In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, we want to keep our patients and community informed of safe ways that you can be proactive about you and your family’s health, and steps to support your body’s own immunity.

At Dr. Christian’s Chiropractic, there is nothing more important to us than our health and families. As a third-generation family-based care practice, we believe it is our personal responsibility to help in times of need. As professionals, we take extraordinary steps in our office to provide health and wellness to each patient that we treat, especially during the uncertainty we’re seeing at present. In addition to following the mandated recommended steps by the CDC and WHO, our office is committed to helping our patients’ nervous system function at their best. While some of this information may seem overwhelming in our daily lives, we believe that taking a “commonsense” approach can help you to meet your goals, and stay consistently healthy – no matter what may come your way.

Beginning this week, we’re launching a series of virtual resources called “Common Sense with Dr Christian: A Virtual Wellness Series.” As you’re adjusting to the new normal of a more virtual environment, or perhaps a different way of living and working, we’re going to be right here alongside you.

Common Sense with Dr. Christian Tip: Did you know? The body’s function can be improved by applying an appropriate Chiropractic adjustment?

While we all know that getting a Chiropractic adjustment can help with lower back pain, headaches, neck pain and even a sprain/strain of the a joint or muscle – the first line of defense for your body is its ability to function and respond to its surroudings. The spinal cord and nerves control every aspect of function within your body and your health. When a proper spinal alignment is performed, the system can function at its best, allowing your body to improve circulation, joint mobility and joint flexibility.

Initially, patients tend to focus on the pain symptoms they are having. However, as a Chiropractor, my primary goal is to focus on the problem causing the pain, and not just focusing on the symptom. As a Chiropractor and Chiropractic patient, I also receive adjustments weekly to allow my nervous system to be maintained properly so that I can provide the safest and most effective care for my patients.

When people find out I am a Chiropractor, the number one question I am always asked: “Who” should be adjusted? The simple answer: anyone who is looking to improve their life for the better! Every person young or old can benefit from Chiropractic throughout their life if they have the desire to help themselves. Our practice is blessed to be able to continue helping our patients throughout this crisis, but even beyond that, our small office and close-knit team has always been a welcomed resource and respite for those seeking stress relief, muscle work, and other ways to improve their quality of life.

Below is a link to the CDC’s press release regarding best practices to be performed at this time. The World Federation of Chiropractic also released a notification that I would like to share with you below. I am grateful and humbled to work in the healthcare industry, and it is my goal to help you navigate this time safely, and in the best way that gets each of you back to health. Stop by and see us, or Schedule A Time To Speak With Us, and we’d welcome the opportunity to help.

Written by: J. Christian Davies, D.C., Dr. Christian’s Chiropractic

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