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What we put into our bodies for fuel – much like gasoline into your car engine – is one of the most important choices we can make in a day.

So why is it that we so often chose to fill our bodies with highly processed, sodium-rich, and cholesterol-ridden foods that come from in a pre-packaged box or the freezer case? Recently, I’ve seen a trend while shopping around town amid this time of crisis: The freezer cases and prepackaged sections of the stores appear to be where most of the shopping has taken place. Meanwhile, the produce aisle is jam-packed with items that looked untouched! This blog post is for anyone with an interest in changing their diet with a few simple ingredients, and help staying away from the frozen and processed food aisles.

I recommend a few simple changes:

· One: limit the amount of meat per day to one meal, and use the palm of your hand as
a guide. The average American can fit four to six ounces of meat in the palm of his/her
hand. Limiting your meat portion of the meal can allow you to reduce fats and
cholesterol, while still feeling satisfied, if you consume enough carbohydrates.
Also remember, there are non-meat forms of protein!

· Two: add more carbohydrates to your daily diet. We often think carbs are bad, but
carbs are more than just bread. Adding 4-6 cups of fresh vegetables to your daily
intake will allow your body to consume more food with a lower calorie count and
ultimately burn more fat.

·Three: limit fats and sugar. Limiting the amount of fats and sweets can be difficult, but
effective to maintain balance within the body. If we have too much fat or sugar intake,
our body automatically increases our stress hormones. This in turn reduces the ability
for our bodies to burn the fat that is stored; and instead the fat keeps getting absorbed.

Now, even with the better ingredients, it is important to remember that food consumption is all about proportion. One common phrase that many of our parents used to say, really hits home: “too much of a good thing is…too much.” Well… they were right! Moderation is the key to success of any food, or good nutritional habits. Whether labelled good or bad, all foods can be equally as damaging when consumed in higher quantities.

It only takes a few simple steps to begin improving our health. It is important to make strong decisions regarding our nutrition not only for ourselves, but also to show the next generation how to eat with a healthier mindset. We are here to help you navigate the challenges, de-stress and maintain your health. Be well, be safe and Connect With Us if you have questions.

Best wishes,

J. Christian Davies, D.C.

Dr. Christian’s Chiropractic

Dr. Christian's Chiropractic