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Putting Your Wellness at the Center Common Sense with Dr. Christian: A Virtual Wellness Series
In recent weeks, we have all been adjusting our routines amid a new environment. Most of us either live in an area where “social distancing” has become a normal phrase, while others have been trying to reduce impact on our families and society with alternate or remote-based work schedules. Amid the event of COVID-19, there are several things to remember: physical and emotional health are key during a time with lessened human interaction. The physical stress of being hunched over at your laptop on the kitchen table or make-shift desk can take a toll, even after several hours. This post will cover how to overcome a stressful time mentally; by physically taking care of yourself, and through a combination of mindfulness, accelerating your activity, and plenty of hydration. Speaking of ergonomics, our team is able to support you during this time, to help you actively uncover better strategies for what may be your new working environment. Chat With Us.

In our office, we make it a point to take wellness breaks throughout the day, including a daily walk to enjoy the fresh air, and gratitude for the important work that we do with you, our patient community.

We all know that getting up and moving around does help to reduce physical stress and pain that our bodies are feeling. But here’s the bigger question – how many of us are actually taking this necessary time to stretch or move intentionally throughout the day? A few key tips and proactive, fun activities that can make our day fly by much faster during this crisis.

Recommendation #1 Adjusting your movement routines:
Use the facility and equipment that you have at home for most of the activities or stretches you’re performing daily. Did you know? Only a wall or floor are the necessary equipment you need to start moving! If you are able to walk with an increased elevation, this can also increase heart-rate activity. If your home has stairs, or perhaps within your community – here’s an easy how-to tip to try: walk or jog up and down the stairs at a slow to medium pace for 10 minutes to get the blood pumping. Otherwise you can walk across your floor, trying to raise your knees past 90 degrees for 10-15 steps, repeatedly for 10 minutes. Performing this twice daily can allow your heart rate to increase and keeping you active, while balancing conference calls, emails, and the balance of work, life and family.

Recommendation #2: Hydration is Key
We know that drinking water is essential for maintaining health. Most of us have heard that water is the essential building block for life! Why do most of us drink much less water than we need and try to justify other choices? Typical answers I hear as a Chiropractor when asking a new patient about water consumption: “I drink coffee, that has water in it right?” Or, “I drink other water such as energy drinks and juice – that counts, right?” Indeed, all of these have water, but the first or second ingredient in these drinks are SUGAR.

Do we know why? Water is essential not only to be healthy but to keep you alive. Our brain and heart tissue contain approximately 70% water, our muscles and kidneys contain approximately 79% water, and our skin contains approximately 64% water. On average the human adult is 55-65% water by volume. Water also helps in the process of lubrication of joints and surrounding tissues. Females need approximately 2.2 liters per day to maintain hydration and males need approximately 3 liters of water per day, depending on body type and activity level. (1)

Helpful Hint: If you lose 1-2% water, cognitive function is impaired; 3-4% loss of water causes thirst and headaches, 5-8% causes fatigue and dizziness. 15-25% approximate loss of water can result in death. (1)

Reducing stress on our bodies by increasing our activity level in a safe way without exposing others to potential harm is important for each of our physical and mental health during this time in our lives. If you do venture out, please remember to maintain social distancing rules to protect you and our community’s health. Follow this link to A John’s Hopkins Article On Social Distancing in our community, and we encourage you to follow this closely.

At our small, patient-centric office, we are taking these steps very seriously as well. We schedule patients in a virtual cadence that meets these guidelines, as well as other measures we’ve enacted. This ensures a safe, sanitary and healthy environment for you to comfortably achieve your health goals. Our individual treatment rooms and plans ensure that each person can feel comfortable and safe, as our commitment to you.

Please continue to reach out to our team as a resource to help you navigate your healthcare challenges. Your care, health and safety is always our top priority. As an essential healthcare provider open for business, we’re here to help you through.

Schedule A Time To Speak With Us, and we’d welcome the opportunity to help.

Best wishes,

J. Christian Davies, D.C.

Dr. Christian’s Chiropractic

(1) Dietary Reference Intakes for Water, Potassium, Sodium Chloride, and Sulfate. Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences. Copyright 2020.

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